Learn About Sic Bo Poker Strategy

Sic Bo, also called tai sei, dau of, small and large or chi a hi-low and two-five, is an unfair yet addictive gambling game of ancient Chinese origin probably played by traders and gamblers from southern China to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Although different players play Sic Bo with varying strategy, all use a basic set of rules that have been modified through the years, in keeping with local customs. The word comes from two words that mean “three dice” and “bitter medicine”.

Sic Bo is a game of luck. The players can not predict the dice throw or, if they do, there is no way to use special cards or methods to make a wish. They can not count on a lucky number, either, since the game depends almost entirely on chance. ไฮโลออนไลน์ Traditionally, the game is played with one side aiming to throw more dice than the other side and with a single objective in mind: to win.

If you want to play Sic Bo at home, the rules are easy enough. All you need to know are the number of dice to be rolled, the highest numbered die is your ‘lowest number’ and the lowest numbered die is your ‘high number’. You must remember that when you place your bets, the value of the cards is not the same as the total value of the face up cards in the hand. That is why a player may lose money rapidly by misjudging the time for his throw or by counting out lots of dice but missing the high number on his hand. In casino games, too, the total of all your chips does not include the value of your cards – only the amount you have in chips is what counts. Thus, if you know the total sum of your chips before the start of each round of betting, you can make an accurate prediction of how much you can win or lose.

In Sic Bo, the first thing you need to remember is that there are only two ways to play. The standard game is called Hi-Lo and the traditional version called Five-card draw. When playing in sic bo you can switch between the two methods without waiting until your turn. This is possible because there are available bets which will force you to play one way or another.

There are available bets which force you to bet, e.g. a triple double or four of a kind. If you have three high cards (all in the same suit), a triple five-card draw is a very desirable bet. If there are no high cards, you can choose to bet the remaining green (the minimum bet). You can also use these Sic Bo table strategy to win the money without having to use dice or counters.

In online gambling games like Sic Bo, it’s important to have a clear picture of how the game will end up before betting. As such, it’s a good idea to study the odds before starting off. In this manner, you’ll be able to estimate the likely payout of the specific game. Some Sic Bo games offer odds which are lower than usual, so you should not bet more than you can afford to lose. If luck favors you get a high payout, you may feel encouraged to try for more big wins.