Getting your Car ready for Car Transport

If you are thinking about having your car moved by a car transport service then you are making a good decision. It can save you a lot of time, then if you were to drive your car yourself. And could even save you money. If you decide to use a car transport service then you should first check your car over and get it ready to be shipped. You should make sure that your car is in good working condition and safe to drive.

The car transporter will have to drive your car on and off the carrier so everything must be working right on your car. It is a good ideal to check the brakes and the steering on your car. And make sure that they are operating correctly. These things will help to make the shipping process go smoothly.

If your car is not in good operating condition then this must be known to the shipper ahead of time so that they can take the proper measures to push the car into the trailer. This may cost you more if your car is not running because of the additional labor of getting your car on and off the trailer. Check the fluids in the car and make sure that they are not leaking anywhere under the car. Sometimes cars are stacked onto two levels to transport. Your car could leak fluids on someone else’s vehicle and this could cause damage to another person’s car that you would be responsible for.

Try and fix any leak problems with your car before shipping. Any items such as car accessories can wiggle and become loose during transporting your car. So it is good to check your car accessories prior to transporting your car and make sure that they are tight and secure in your car. And if they are not secure they should be removed from your vehicle so that they do not come apart while transporting your car. Remove any personal items out of your car before shipping. Make sure you clean your car out inside and remove anything of value to you.

Other things should be checked and removed before transport such as luggage racks on your vehicle, fog lights, and other items. Depending on the state or area that you are shipping your vehicle to, you should remember that the climates may be different and the weather may be a lot warmer or colder at the destination you are going to, so take measures to either put in antifreeze, engine coolant and other fluids before having your car transported. Check you battery to make sure it is charged and disable your car alarm so it does not go off and run your battery down.

A car transport company should have a guide for you to look at to tell you important steps in getting your car ready to be shipped. You should go over these steps and take the proper measures before having your car transported. So that you car transporting experience is a good one.