What is the Thai Lotto?

The Thai Lottery is Thailand’s official national lottery. Drawn twice a month, it is one of two forms of legalised gambling in the country. It is extremely popular among tourists and residents alike. The prize money is huge and is calculated based on a number of factors. The lottery draws are free and are conducted by volunteers.

The lottery is free to play, and the results are published at 5pm on the day after each holiday. However, the Thai lottery is still rigged. Under the current military government, the lottery is primarily used to boost the charisma of the current head of state, Gen. เลขหลวงพ่อเนื่อง . The lottery is also used as a method to keep the military regime in power. The National Council for Peace and Order has imposed tight laws and censorship on the media, making it difficult for anyone outside the government to criticize the lottery.

Until the government implemented a new lottery scheme, a handful of brokers controlled the sale of lottery tickets. The five brokers were accused of overpricing and monopolization. In order to counter this, the government introduced a new lottery scheme, increasing the number of lottery vendors and the number of available tickets.

There are two main types of lottery games in Thailand. The government-run Thai Lottery and the Thai Charity Lottery. Each lottery offers different prizes. The government-run lottery is a government lottery, while the charity lottery is a charitable lottery. Each lottery has a different jackpot sum and is taxed differently. In either case, the odds of winning a jackpot are 1 in 1,000,000.

The Thai lotto is a great option for anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash. The lottery is available online, and tickets can be purchased from retail agents or on the street. A little research and careful selection can result in a large cash prize. You may also be able to claim your prize in cash if you buy your ticket for less than 20,000 baht.

If you are new to lottery games, you may be unsure about whether to play the Thai Lottery. It is not for everyone. However, if you’re determined to make a difference, you can win a prize in the lottery. หวยหลวงพ่อเนื่อง can watch the results live online to determine your chances of winning. The website will update the results every 15 minutes.

The next Thai Lottery draw is scheduled for August 16th, 2022. Usually, the results are available before 3 PM, but sometimes it takes some time for the lottery to publish the winning numbers. If you’re unable to wait for the results, you can check the results of the last few draws on the official website and get a direct link to the results.

The Thai Lotter has a long history. It was originally created to help the Thai people during World War I. Its proceeds were used to provide social benefits in the 1930s. They helped fund the Thai Red Cross and other organizations. In addition, the Thai government needed to generate money to meet budget shortfalls and needed to find ways to fund the lottery.


What Should You Look For When Searching For Career Development Programs

What Should You Look For When Searching For Career Development Programs

The computer age has made online career training so easy, you never have to leave your home. There are thousands of different career development programs online today and depending on what type of career you want, you will surely find it on the internet. Many programs provide individual and group options for the career minded and support services are provided also. Many programs consist of career assessment, and job search capabilities, that include career development and life skills. When looking for a career development program, make sure they also provide such services as counseling and job referral and placement help. Having the right skills is vitally important in today’s competitive job market. You are also looking for the best of learning up-to-date career skills that will prepare you for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The career development program you choose should always be updating their programs to reflect the most modern methods used in today’s workplace. You’ll also learn about opportunities in your chosen field and get important tips on achieving your career goals. Many programs also feature “hands-on” experience with today’s technology.

Here are some important things you should look for when choosing your career development program. Make sure the program you choose has everything you want and need to get you on that new path of a new career.

Low Tuition – You can train for a new career at a price that won’t break your budget. Your books, equipment, and learning aids are included in your low tuition price.

Convenience – The lessons and learning aids you need to complete your training are sent right to your home. There’s no commute to classes, no need to rearrange your schedule. Study where and when you choose, and still have time for your family and social life.

Support – Even though your taking your career development program at home, you’ should never feel alone. You should be assured of getting all the help you need from your instructors and consultants. When you have a question, help should be just a toll-free phone call or an e-mail away.

You can train for a new career in your spare time and even earn a Bachelors or Masters Degree online. Whether you wish to further your career in nursing or business management there is a career development program for you. You can earn your high school diploma or anything you can imagine that would further your self improvement. Here are some idea’s that may help you choose whether it will be worth it for you or not. Good luck in your endeavors. Good Luck!

• Career Diploma Courses. Prepare for the career you have always dreamed of like a Medical Transcription, Paralegal, Private Investigation, Veterinary Assisting, Accounting, Interior Decorating, and much more.

• Associate’s Degrees. Psychology, Criminal Justice, Business Management, Accounting, Health Care Management. High School diploma or GED required.

• High School Diploma. Start where you left off in the 9 th , 10 th , 11 th , or 12 th grades. SACS and DETC accredited.


Review of Online Gambling

Review of Online Gambling

Just like any commercial market today, gambling also took its chance of having to saturate a broader area of gaming through the Internet.

Nowadays, there are as many online gambling games as there are gambling games. Every kind of gambling game has their online counter parts in the Web. From poker to sports betting, every gambling activity seems to be online.

Most proponents of online gambling assert that online gambling is just as safe as gambling in known casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Just like the usual casino, online casinos are also required to have their licenses and permits before engaging into online gambling.

By doing so, online casinos are systematically regulated and audited by professional firms. All online casinos use the secure e-cash facilities, in cooperation with the credit card companies, so that the customers are being protected from unauthorized use of credit cards or from cases of identity theft.

Generally, online gambling in an online casino will entice new players by requiring them to deposit an amount by offering bonuses. An online casino that will offer you a free $100 for a $50 deposit is a good example. In this manner, more people believe that online gambling offers better chances than real-life gambling. However, this poses more risk in getting addicted to the game.

For people who want to play online gambling, deposits can be made through credit cards, fire pay, or 900 pay. Fire pay works like an ordinary online debit card. Normally, the player places money into the account and can be spent to any online merchants. Funds can be deposited through wire transfers. 900 pay, on the other hand, is another way of depositing money by calling a 900 number and the amount that is to be deposited is charged to the player’s phone bill.

What’s more, online casinos are further classified into two groups based on their interface. Online casinos could either be web-based or download-based.

Web-based casinos are forms of online gambling wherein users may directly play online casino games without having to load any software to the local computer. Online gambling is mainly presented in the browser plugins like Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, or Java.

On the other hand, download-based online casinos are the most common online gambling sites in the Web. Here, online gambling users have to download certain software in order to play the casino games. And because it has pre-downloaded software, it is faster to initiate casino games on it compared to web-based casinos.

All the same, and due to the basic nature of online gambling, any transactions with it are vulnerable to fraud. There are online gambling known as rogue casinos wherein these sites refuse to pay the customers or contains a cheating software.

Plus, there are other ways of frauds in online gambling. Most of these cases are player-based. Players who want to cheat usually uses Adobe Photoshop or a comparable tool to maneuver the graphics of a slot machine screenshot in order to deceive the casino into thinking that the player just hit a jackpot.

Whatever forms of deception, it is evident that frauds are more likely to happen in online gambling. And if in any case, players get to be addicted in playing online gambling, they must remember that their obsession did not happen by mistake.

Online gambling is a highly interactive game, meaning whatever choices players make are based on their own prerogatives. So, however enticing online gambling can be it is a must that players must know their own dispositions so as not to be deceived.


Real Estate Investing: Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate Market

Real Estate Investing: Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate Market

If you are planning on indulging in real estate investing you should also consider the online real estate market that provides a novel means of buying and selling properties. To begin with, online real estate marketing will involve listing as well as advertising properties over the Internet and it also means getting maximum exposure. Best of all, it also means not having to pay any commissions to real estate brokers. And online real estate is a more convenient way of transacting business and is also a lot quicker than traditional ways of real estate investing.

Evaluate Your Property’s Value

However, before you jump into real estate investing and more particularly into the online real estate market, you would need to first evaluate the true value of your property. For this evaluation you can go online or ask a real estate agent to do the evaluation for you. Next, you need to try and use online videos, which are a wonderful way of advertising your property and a whole lot better than the traditional means of advertising.

There are two ways that you can categorize online real estate videos and these are promotional content and pod cast content with each category catering to different types of buyers and sellers.

In any case, by listing your property online you will get a wider audience for your property and so you must be prepared to get queries from many different places. There is no doubt that real estate investing in the online real estate market can be hugely profitable though at the same time it also has its fair share of associated risks, especially if you are not well conversant with online real estate.

You need to be very careful about each aspect of the online real estate deal and this means learning about the proper financing, decide whether you wish to rehab or not and also know how to hire a landlord. Fortunately, there are some websites that deal with these aspects and which allow you to take part in online discussions with others who are interested in real estate investing. In fact, you should also check out articles written on online real estate sites and even sign up for free e-newsletters pertaining to investing so that you are on top of the subject of real estate investing in the online real estate market.

One of the better resources that deal with real estate investing and more particularly online real estate is REI Club Freebies where you will find tons of information as well as numerous resources regarding online real estate. You can read e-books on real estate investing and it is even possible to download these e-books for reading at a later time on your computer monitor. There are also many other resources such as software to analyze properties and information on how to indulge in real estate investing in the online real estate market.

You must also remember that real estate investing and online real estate involves hard work and there are no short cuts that will help you make quick money. Furthermore, because you will be dealing with people who you can’t see (at least in the beginning) you need to be very careful about divulging information without first verifying the credentials of prospective buyers and sellers. Once you get past this hurdle, you should then try and buy properties that are in a rundown condition and then repair and upgrade until it looks attractive to buyers. Also, you should look for properties that are located in places where the rentals are on the high side because in this way you can be sure that your real estate investing endeavours will pay you back good returns.

There are many online foreclosed properties’ lists that you should tap into because you can buy these properties for less money and then sell them at a higher price and thus profit from your real estate investing actions.

The online real estate market abounds with many profitable opportunities, and if you use things such as online videos and perhaps even take a course in online real estate, you will be able to profit from your real estate investing activities.


Can Weight Loss Improve Your Health And Make You Feel Better?

Can Weight Loss Improve Your Health And Make You Feel Better?

Many people today are interested in weight loss and weight loss programs. Sedentary life styles and lack of exercise have contributed to a general trend toward carrying around a few extra pounds. Following a disciplined weight loss plan can prove very helpful and beneficial to people who don’t really have any idea of how to create a weigh loss diet. There are many options available today to help you trim a few pounds and fit into the clothes you want.
Losing weight is not something one can do overnight. A carefully planned weight loss program requires common sense and certain guidelines. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformantion floating around and lots of desperate people are easily duped and ripped off. The leading experts now recommend that people who want to lose weight start increasing their physical activity. Just being more active in general (such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, moving around instead of sitting still, sitting up instead of lying down as well as showing some excitement and enthusiasm instead of boredom), are things that more effectively burns calories and reduces body fat.
A balanced lifestyle of good nutrition and regular exercise will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Some people seek Fast Weight Loss while others would like to gradually thin down for health reasons. Take advantage of all the information and help available today to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Thai Lottery Rules and Regulations

The official national lottery of Thailand is drawn twice a month and is administered by The Government Lottery Office. It is one of only two forms of legal gambling in the country. The lottery is available to everyone and is a fun and exciting way to spend an evening in Thailand. In addition, it can help you get some well-deserved cash.

The government also runs a lottery for charity. One in four Thais plays the lottery on a regular basis and spends more than 250 billion baht on tickets each year. Most lottery players in Thailand have low incomes, and the average monthly salary in Thailand is around 15,000 baht.

The culture of Thai lottery-playing is based on a combination of religion, superstitions, and the history of the country. Although lottery tickets can be a risky investment, Thai lottery culture is a culturally unifying experience. It is also important to know the rules and regulations before buying lottery tickets.

Fortunately, the Thai lottery has an app that lets you check the results at any time. You can download this application to your desktop computer and use it whenever you wish to see the results of the lottery. You can even check the results live by using the app. The last version of the Thai lottery application was released 2824 days ago.

If you are the winner of the lottery, you must fill out a claim form and pay a tax on the winning amount. The lottery winnings can be claimed in cash or in the form of Thai ID cards or passports. In addition to the tax, all lottery winners have to pay stamp duty on their winnings. For prizes less than B20,000, the stamp duty is only 0.5%.

When buying เลขสายทหาร , make sure you are buying from a reputable lottery vendor. A vendor must be registered with the GLO so that he can sell lottery tickets. เลขสายทหาร should also avoid buying tickets from a stranger or a storekeeper who doesn’t look like a Thai. Don’t pay more than 100 baht for your ticket. Most vendors charge about 120 baht for their tickets.

The government-mandated ticket price is 80 baht. Buying tickets in pairs will give you a higher chance of winning the jackpot prize. If you buy two tickets and keep them both, you can claim up to six million baht if you match two numbers. The ticket price may go higher if you don’t know the local superstitions.

Thai lottery draws are held twice a month, and are broadcast live on TV. There are two types of lottery tickets, Thai Government Lottery (TGL) and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL). The TGL ticket is the most popular, with the highest payout of three million baht. The TCL ticket, on the other hand, has a payout of two million baht.


Use Law Of Attraction To Attract More Money

Use Law Of Attraction To Attract More Money

Did you know that there is more money in this world than ever before? Did you know that more people become millionaires faster than ever before?

But why are so many people burdened down with financial problems. Why are so many people experiencing a lack of money on the other hand? The reason is the Law of attraction. Most people do not know about this universal Law of Attraction. But it is true whatever situation you may find yourself in, is because the way things are working in this universe. You may have attracted debts into your life on an unconscious level. True nobody desires to have money problems – but the way we think about money conscious or unconsciously will bring us the matching results.

So here is how you can start in the right direction by attracting more money into your life.

It is not always necessary to get more employment and work extra hours to have more money. To attract more money into your life starts with the way you think about money.

You may think that you never will be a rich person no matter what, or you may think that rich people must be doing something wrong to get the kind of money they have. Some people think if they just have enough to pay their bills is good enough for them.

Everything in nature however is plentiful. There is enough for everybody to live the life they desire. It is not only there for a few it is whatever you are making out of it. The secret is inside of you. Whatever you are thinking you are creating. This can happen knowingly or unknowingly. Our subconscious mind has been programmed from a very early age on. Many times we are not even aware of the way we think about money. We may have heard phrases like for example: “The root of all evil is the desire of money, or this person is filthy rich, or rich people are crooks, we a re not the Rockefellers” and so on.

It is important therefore first to change the way we are thinking about money in order to attract more into our life.

You can make a list for example and write down all the good things money can do for people. Think how money has helped people after natural disasters to rebuild their homes and lives. How many people are helped everyday because of hospitals that are only possible because there was money to build them. Many children are saved every day because there is money to help. So there are literally thousands of ways to help people because of money. So money does a lot of good in this world.

After finishing your list you can use this list and read over it a few times per week to remember that money is good and it is an exchange for value. There is nothing wrong with having money. Only a person that has can contribute to others.

As you train your mind to change the way you think about money you can use affirmations that are positive and that will help you to attract more money with the Law of Attraction.

Here are just a two examples of what you could say when doing your affirmations:

I love people and I attract money into my life, money is good and I am a money magnet.

You can make your own affirmations that will help you along the way. These affirmations will reprogram you to think differently about money and to increase your awareness of money.

You can also put a money note into a picture frame and put it on your desk. This will aid you in your money focus.

Increase your knowledge about how finances work. Learn more how to make better choices when it comes to spend or save money. All these things will help you to attract more money into your life.

Meditate daily and learn to think and act positive when it comes to finances and money.

Set reasonable goals to attract more money into your life. Ponder over this and get into the feeling of already having reached your money goal and taking full control over your financial future.

Remember the Law of Attraction will respond to feelings and vibrations. Attract the money that you want into your life with the power of your inner self and the Law of Attraction!


Free Casino Game

Free Casino Game

KWD: 22/403 = 5.45%

Free Casino Game

Free casino game is sometimes a part of the casinos promotional activities. Players who frequent a particular casino get coupons for a free casino game. It all depends on what free casino game the casino is promoting. Free casino game could be provided in blackjack, video poker, slot machines, craps, roulette, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, Caribbean Poker, keno and others. You can win great prizes too using the coupon which gives free casino games. You can win prizes with the free casino game coupons similar to those playing for a fee. The more you play at the casino, the more free casino games you will receive. Thereby giving you more chances to win.

Free casino game could also be provided online. Several hotel-casino in Las Vegas have bonded together to create a free casino game online so that guests who have never played at casinos before are given the chance to practice and learn the games. Free casino game is provided for players to familiarize themselves with the games and apply this knowledge once they are playing at the casinos. Free casino games in this instance mostly do not have prizes for the winners. Another purpose for the free casino game is for fun and entertainment over the internet. It is no big secret that playing casino is huge fun and filled with excitement. How much more if it is for free? Free casino game over the internet will definitely give you loads of fun. For gamblers, free casino game
over the internet will fulfill their needs to play and win. And what makes it more appealing is there is no risk of losing money since games at free casino games are provided free of charge. Sometimes free casino games sites on the internet give away prizes and cash. But it is important that before you sign up and begin playing that free casino game make sure that the information and details you provided online are secured as this may cause some problems later on. Free casino game should not share or sell your data to others. That is one risk you need to consider before signing up for those free casino games.

Free casino game can be one great source of fun without having to shell out huge sums of money. And you will also get to win exciting prizes in some free casino game online or land-based.


I’ve Learned To Love Teen Art

I’ve Learned To Love Teen Art

I have loved art for as long as I can remember. As a child I spent hour after hour doing art projects of all kinds with my mother and my siblings. We would paint, practice sewing or create things out of clay for hours on end. I never knew that the amount of art projects we worked on was abnormal until I got a bit older and heard all of my friends and school talking about their years of playing with trucks and action figures or being outside building forts. I guess our mother wanted us to be well rounded individuals so she started us on all things art from the start. I don’t remember exactly what kind of teen art I created during my formative years, but I do know that it wasn’t until recently that I learned to appreciate teen art.

To the surprise of no one that I knew, I decided to become an art teacher when I went to college. I loved art so much that I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days than on teaching children and teens more about the things I loved. I enjoyed my elementary aged students immensely from the beginning. I loved their curiosity and I enjoyed the way they saw art. It was the teen art that my junior high aged students were creating that took me a while to adjust to.

The thing about teen art is that it is less than traditional and often it needs to be classified outside of any established genres of art. The teens in my art classes saw art in a much different way than I expected, and hence their work was much different as well. I would give them an assignment and they would create work so unlike what I had asked for and yet so creative that I couldn’t complain.

I have realized that teen art needs to be a genre of art all by itself. Why? I’ve determined that teen art is so unique because of the time of life that it represents. Teens are going through the ultimate time of transition, so it makes sense that their art would have a particular perspective and slant. And as different as teen art can often be, I have learned to appreciate it. I have learned to see it through the eyes of a teenager exploring the world and trying to make sense of their place in the world.

If you have a teenager who likes to play around with any art form, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about with teen art. In fact, you’ve probably had similar issues in trying to recognize, define or categorize the art work that seems to make your teen come alive. My advice to you is this: teen art is something entirely of its own kind. Stop trying to make teen art into something else, and instead just enjoy it for what it is.


What is an Artist’s Statement & How Often Should It Be Updated?

What is an Artist’s Statement & How Often Should It Be Updated?

An artist’s statement is a statement of ideas and thoughts that describe your philosophy, vision, and passion towards your artistic creations.
Ponder over the following questions prior to writing your artist’s statement:
Is your work whimsical, thought provoking, or edgy?
Does it portray a series of stories?
Whom or what has influenced you the most?
How is your work meaningful to you?
How do you begin to write your artists statement? You could begin by writing a quote that has inspired you and your work, or you could create a strong sentence that summarizes your philosophy about your life and how art has changed your views on life in general. You could also include what type of style and technique that motivates you the most while creating your art creation.
Some artists have writer’s block when it comes to putting down their thoughts on paper. I would suggest that you start with words that best describe your art and inner thoughts then go back to edit them into definite statements. Most artists know and feel what they are trying to convey to their audience, however, writing it down becomes a huge task.
Personally, I believe your artist’s statement should be written by yourself because of the personal touch you would be able to provide to it. No one knows better about your artistry other than yourself. Your audience will get a feel of what your inner thoughts are and how you find this passion to be a lifestyle and not a hobby.
Make sure you aren’t using too many words that only artists would recognize. Express yourself while allowing your words to flow. You are expressing your passion; so don’t feel pressured to become a renounced writer.
While being an artist is a rewarding career, unfortunately, there are people outside of this industry who would say it is a hobby. So, it is very important to express how you feel about your craft through your artist’s statement. Writing a one-page statement would be sufficient in getting your statement across to your audience, but if it runs to a page two, that’s fine. Clearly, it shows your audience that you are vividly and precisely getting your thoughts across.
Your artist’s statement should be updated as your career inspires new direction and when there are profound events that have captured new inspirations in your creative vision. Your statement could be updated at the same pace similar to updating your résumé.
If you’re still unsure how to get started, here are two excellent sites that have sample statements: or
Your artist’s statement is a very important tool. Take a block of time out of your daily or weekly schedules to create the type of statement that will allow your audience to understand how you began your journey.